Operation “Pregnancy Resource Closet”-Claudia L.

Before we started brainstorming ideas for this project, we thought we would have to use the brains of engineers to build something to improve the organization of the materials at APRC. Volunteers at APRC are struggling to find items in their closets which requires to know what items they have and where they are located.... Continue Reading →

Focus of Our Vision-Pokemoms

After studying the topic of pregnancy for the past couple of months in our biomedical innovations class, we have received the chance to partner with a local organization that is in need of our help. We have partnered with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center which is an organization we have taken some time to get... Continue Reading →

Catching Poké-moms

There are many things that incoming moms have to worry about. Staying healthy, eating certain foods that will affect the baby’s development, frequent doctor visits, and so on so forth. The last thing we want mothers to worry about is not having the access to resources that will help them throughout their nine month roller... Continue Reading →

Her Body, Her Choice- Claudia and Elie

“Surprise! You’re having twins!” For some people, this would be exciting news. However there are factors in people’s lives like old age, finance issues, and unplanned pregnancies  In our opinion, people need to worry about their own life and not worry about the outsiders who don't understand their mindset about having kids. People who are... Continue Reading →

Take Care of Yourself -Claudia L.

“Are the unassisted birthing women today any different? (185).” Throughout section 4 of, Get Me Out, the idea of free birthing was mentioned quite a bit. I thought it was rare for women to give birth at home since all the new technology was created. I thought these inventions would make people feel safer about... Continue Reading →

Read’s Vision- Claudia Luong

Dick Read’s idea of, natural birth helps one realize their fears, is a little insane. “He believed that a pain-free birth is how God intended birth should be.” (116) The Read Method is a religious and psychological method that is basically natural childbirth. The natural operation will cause women to notice her conscious and truly... Continue Reading →

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