Turbulence and Tiny Steps-Bunmi O.

Team G.O.A.L has been working hard these past few weeks getting quite a few things straight, and planning for the future while also moving forward. That being said, a lot of it has been establishing what exactly our problem is, what we are doing to help, why it is important, and who we are helping.... Continue Reading →

“Pretend You Are Pregnant”- A Prologue to Get Me Out By: Bunmi O.

Get Me Out by Randi Hutter Epstein is an informative book on the history of childbirth dating back as far as the 1700's. It is about the myths, legends, and backstory to how we have looked at pregnancy.  A very well-written book that shows how the way pregnancy was viewed has influenced social movements, and how it... Continue Reading →

Doctors vs. Midwives-Bunmi O.

So once again I was busy and was only able to read a chapter of Get Me Out. Nevertheless, I will be as thorough as possible. So currently the chapter I read was called "Leaving Home". It describes a lot of not exactly scandalous, but definitely shady things as well as the rising of the... Continue Reading →

Dying to Give Birth-Bunmi O.

Childbed fever is a completely new concept to me. I mean I'm learning a lot of new things from this book, but this especially I anted to go into detail about simply because of the fact that I didn't really understand it at first.  It's pretty self-explanatory that it's fever. In the book (Get Me... Continue Reading →

Come Out to Meet Me-Bunmi

Hi! I'm Bunmi (Boo-mi), and I'm going to be a sophomore soon... It's a bit nerve wracking, though that's how I felt going into ninth grade and I did a pretty excellent job at not dying so I think I'll be more than just fine. I joined biomed for a lot of reasons, though to... Continue Reading →

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