BeLieVE Me We Found a Solution – Bella T.

Hello my name is Bella Thomas and I am the Team coordinator of a student-led group called BeLieVE. My coworkers are Lily Alvarado Enalisa Blackman and Vanessa Meireles. My coworkers and I are currently working with the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas (PPHA), which is a non profit organization that is dedicated to... Continue Reading →

BeLieVE, Let’s Kill Stigma Together

Hello we are BeLieVE.BeLieVE is a student led organization from the Ann Richards School for Young Leaders.We are a group of well rounded, intelligent and creative individuals that want to help raise awareness about adolescent mental health as it relates to pregnancy. The members of our company consist of Bella T, Lilly A, Vanessa M... Continue Reading →

Let Me In- Bella Thomas

In the book "Get me out" by Randi Epstein,  the author describes the development of obstetrics throughout the years. She also talks about certain medical techniques for obstetrics such as the forceps. However I'm not writing to reiterate what she said but instead to elaborate on some things she didn't and reflect on those facts. There... Continue Reading →

Hormones,Ovaries,Fertility Oh My -Bella T.

From the begging of civilization women have been perceived to have two jobs only those jobs were to 1: get married and 2: have children. Any women who couldn't perform said task was considered useless and unflattering by society. Before in the earlier centuries women were told that their infertility was an act of god... Continue Reading →

How Men Changed Pregnancy-Bella T.

I’ve recently been reading Get Me Out by Randi Epstein. While I’ve been reading this book I have learned how (mostly men) and women have contributed to progress in obstetrics . In the earlier centuries men were the only ones who could be physicians and obstetrician's. In result to this men wrote all the pregnancy guides... Continue Reading →

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