“Everybody Cheats, So Why Can’t I?” -Audra K

While previous parts of Rigor Mortis really got me to think deeply about how our medical research industry is flailing due to errors and miscommunications between scientists. Chapter Eight, 'The Challenge of Precision Medicine', brought some other very relatable issues to my attention which, in this case, had very little to do with the researchers... Continue Reading →

The Magic Number – Audra K.

  Out of everything Chapter 6 of Rigor Mortis talks about, the way that Harris reflects on how the OvaCheck blood tests were still promoted and recommended even after being questioned and proven inaccurate is one of the biggest parts that stuck with me. This connects back to failed trials, which are described in the... Continue Reading →

An Expanding Industry- Audra K

  Hello, my name is Audra K and I will be in sophomore BioMed next year. When someone hears I'm in BioMed, I am generally asked what I want to do with my life. They generally end up confused when my answer is not "orthopedic surgeon" or "pediatrician", but rather "I have some ideas, but... Continue Reading →

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