The Challenge Of Doing The Job – Adelyne T.

              The lack of care for a humane body part that has been removed from its sustaining body is appalling. If the tissue/organ will endure testing, the data will be bogus, because there is no concern from anyone to care for it. “It could take days. ‘I can tell... Continue Reading →

Sloppy Science- Adelyne T.

In one's early life they can realize that too really succeed, they must try to at least fail. I feel like this philosophy applies to science. I think it is important for us to fail as humans because that teaches this new lessons and new opportunities to be shed. But when someone slaps a "Good... Continue Reading →

The Difference- Adelyne Towne

Hi, I chose to be in the biomedical pathway because ever since I was little I had this crazy thought that I can change the world no matter what, to make it better for others in this world and naturally I still fell the same way. To me this was really the only pathway that... Continue Reading →

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