Placing puzzles from different sets to form one single conclusion- Ashley F.

Jumping to conclusions is exactly as it's labeled , making an assumption or hypothesis. In this chapter it all started with Baggerly trying to find a way to test for ovarian cancer. Later on they did find a way to extract proteins from blood that would be able to identify an early stage of cancer. It... Continue Reading →

How do we sort wheat from chaff to find what’s usable? – Ashley F.

This chapter of Trusting The Untrustworthy was a pretty hard chapter for me to understand. It started of in 1994 with Nina Desai and her creation of "test-tube babies." This is a line which supposedly was a line of human cells from a women's womb and they were coaxed to grow in the lab. To Christopher... Continue Reading →

The Future of Medicine -Ashley F.

Hi! My name is Ashley F. and I'm very excited for next year. I choose biomed because I want to learn about medicine and how to help people stay alive. Next year I hope to learn about cancer in specific I'm interested in ovarian cancer. I'm also interested in learning about the mistakes in medicine.... Continue Reading →

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