The Smelly Disaster Behind “Garbage in, Garbage Out” – Ariel W.

In this extremely informative yet quite disturbing chapter, Harris lets the free flag of facts fly regarding the way biomedical research is now conducted through a method where bad research is put in, and bad results come out referred to as "Garbage in, garbage out" (pg.196). In this chapter, the practically corrupt way that scientists... Continue Reading →

Failure through Furry Friends – Ariel W.

I really enjoyed reading chapter 4 of Rigor Mortis, "Misled By Mice" because it discussed multiple issues that I previously hadn't known about regarding the topic of animal testing. I was completely shocked to find out that so many scientists and researchers are relying on mice and rats for testing, regardless of the fact that... Continue Reading →

Preparing for Pre-Med

Hello, my name is Ariel W. and ever since I can remember, I've wanted to save people, and I chose the Biomedical pathway at Ann Richards for that exact reason. I've always been interested in medicine and becoming a doctor, and I joined biomed with the hopes that I would able to develop the knowledge... Continue Reading →

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