The key to life after pregnancy -Angelica G.

Hello, my name is Angelica, and my group name is G.O.A.L. We are working with the Austin Pregnancy Resource Center(APRC). The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center is a non profit organization that helps mothers and pregnant women with any help they may need before or after the pregnancy. This useful organization helps pregnant women by assisting... Continue Reading →

Pregnancy and it’s Wonders- Angelica G.

You might be wondering how pregnancy works and how the female body can sustain another life inside her. In this blog post you will learn more about how the female body changes as pregnancy proceeds and why it's important to know. You will also learn more about what one should and should not do and... Continue Reading →

The Evolution of Childbirth.-Angelica g

"There is a dividing line and it’s drawn between the maternal mortality rates of black women and of white women." As I started reading this book I started to realize how much childbirth has changed and how much it has actually changed and how it has given different races different experiences. Something that really surprised... Continue Reading →

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