All for the Profit and None for the People – Alex S.

Chapter 8: A Broken Culture exposed the corruption of research in the biomedical field due to a ‘pressure-to-publish’ atmosphere. Organizations around the world have turned their research into factory work. These businesses choose select projects that they know will be cheap, fast, and have a “wow factor” for their employees to publish in a big... Continue Reading →

Failures, Flaws and Findings – Alex S.

In the chapter, ‘It’s Hard Even on the Good Days’, Richard Harris moves from the general idea of reproducibility to the biases and flaws occurring in the labs that cause it and the failures they have lead to. He also brought in a lot more perspectives from different scientists and researchers, as well as examples... Continue Reading →

Never-ending Corners – Alex S.

When reading the preface and first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I was very interested in the points Richards Harris made, such as when he explains that cures to major diseases like cancer, alzheimer's and osteoarthritis always seem just around the corner, but, as he mentions, “It turns out we live in a world with an... Continue Reading →

An Inference of the Influence – Alex S.

Hi, I’m Alex Swearingen. I chose biomed because I’ve been interested in medical science since I was very little. I had many books on biomedical topics, some written and illustrated by David Macaulay. Although his books might be under our reading level now, I still believe David Macaulay to be an extremely talented and creative... Continue Reading →

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