Progress with Breast Milk By:Alexis

I am Alexis from Silex, my partner Sierra and I have partnered with Mothers Milk Bank to increase Advocacy for African American Women. For the past few weeks we have worked on recognizing the problem and brainstorming solutions. We are also working to contact Mothers Milk bank to obtain additional statistics to support our project.... Continue Reading →

Outreach, Education and Connection Sierra & Alexis

Hello, we are Silex, Sierra and Alexis two biomedical students partnering with Mother's Milk Bank to increase African American breast milk advocacy. Currently African American mothers are not accepting the donated breast milk. This is a problem because babies are in need of the essential nutrients provided only by human breast milk are not receiving... Continue Reading →

Get Her Out-Alexis M

“Before the late 1800s cesarean sections were death rituals, not life-saving procedures.” (157) This sounds a whole lot different from how the modern day C-sections are looked upon. This procedure is now known to save lives when conducted correctly. For this blog post I will be writing about the history of C-sections. C-sections where not... Continue Reading →

Delivery Room to Morgue-Alexis M

"Childbed fever was never the leading killer of women, but it was the most tragic."(51) It was a time during the early 1800s, women dying after giving birth. It was something called childbed fever however, the doctors called it puerperal fever. Childbed fever was a strange epidemic that many would have attempted it but could... Continue Reading →

From Eve to Sims-Alexis

The first section of the book refers to The process of Pregnancy and Birth from Eve in the garden of Eden to J. Marion Sims experiments on slaves. Everything in between includes the meaning of a baby's Caul to the invention and use of Forceps. The story of childbirth begins in the garden of Eden... Continue Reading →

Get me Involved! Alexis

Hello, my name is Alexis and as a summer reading requirement for my Biomed course next year I will blogging about a book called Get Me Out. This is a book about the evolution of pregnancy throughout history. I am really excited about reading this book to become better educated about the process and risk... Continue Reading →

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