Why rats?- Nicole B.

In chapter four of Rigor Mortis the main point of it was how mice have mislead scientist. As the book says “ One reason everybody uses mice: because everybody else uses mice.” Every scientist uses mice and sometimes whatever drug is being tested on them doesn’t always go as planned is probably trying to say that maybe mice and human beings aren’t alike very much. Researchers performing multiple test on mice and other rodents don’t always have a negative outcome. In a way it is good that the drugs are being tested on them but after multiple failures and millions of dollars wasted on research it would probably be best to stop throwing money away. Find a more accurate rodent or animal and maybe then new medications and drugs will be more accurate.

In my opinion mice and humans are way different. Sure we might have some similarities but we live different lives as well as the human organs and systems are way bigger than the mice. I personally think that mice should not be used to test because the result that mice get in a study might not be the same as in for humans. For example in chapter four they tested different drugs on mice and the outcome was way different than the outcome humans had. To me this shows that mice and humans shouldn’t be compared and should be no longer used.

According the article Why do medical researchers use mice? The main reasons are because they’re inexpensive, they reproduce quickly, there small, easily housed and maintained and have a short life span. These rodents are used as models. The anatomy of the rodent as well as the characteristics are well understood by researchers and will understand what was changed and how. The testing of genetic, biological and behavioral resemble humans. In other words mice are viewed as miny humans during a study. In conclusion mice are convenient in a way but not so much when they aren’t like human being and money, energy and resources are being wasted on a convenient source.

By using mice, scientist are wasting their resources by creating results won’t help them in any shape or form. Scientist should stop using mice overall during a study because they are limiting them to the understanding of human diseases. Causing scientist not being aware about disease or the information of the outcome in more in depth. Overall scientist might be cheaper and easier to use during a study but they definitely aren’t as close or similar to humans as they have many other things and are way smaller than humans. Also something that could impact the research or the study by using mice is that rodents may carry a blood disease that scientists don’t know about. This will definitely affect the outcome of the study, that’s why I believe Mice and experiment should not be combined.


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