Introduction- Nicole B.

Hello, my name is Nicole B. and this school year I hope to learn how medication as and will improve as time progresses. Also I hope to learn more about the way bacteria impacts the process of an experiment and the outcome, as well as if bacteria will advance faster than inventions made by scientist.

I chose the Biomedical pathway my freshmen year of high school because it definitely caught my eye more. I have find the human body interesting, as well as Grey’s Anatomy. I think that from watching Grey’s Anatomy, I’ve definitely have thought about studying to become a nurse or a pediatrician in the future.

An interesting story I found online was how studies have become junk or trash over the years. According to the article Medical studies are almost always bogus tax payers pay $28 million to supply scientist with the resources they need. But as Richard Harris commented “When you read something, take it with a grain of salt.” To me this means that scientist aren’t as reliable as we think they are. After reading this article I question the studies scientists are making today.

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