Chapter 1- Nicole B.

In my opinion of the most important factors of being a scientist or a doctor is having your audience or your patients trust. This way they won’t question what you’re doing or your capability to accomplish something. Definitely my point of view has changed after reading chapter one of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris. What I understood was that scientist are skipping ‘small steps’ that are very important during a lab causing the expected result to change.

“Discovering an error in someone else’s work is not a glorious day in the lab.” This shows that scientist are not capable or don’t like to learn from their pearce. Scientist spend a long time in medical school to be where they are today, which I think affect their mentality by thinking that they’re the best because they learned everything. Unfortunately everything is changing. For example bacteria is becoming resistant against antibiotics. As bacteria is improving and developing in different ways, scientist should be learning about how to improve not only technology used during a lab but how to improve medicine to prevent bacteria or any other disease to take over.

Have you ever thought that scientist try to accomplish something by a certain time and they skip steps to be able to accomplish their goal? Scientist should work productively but not work on a rush that they forget or skip steps to speed up the process. This way bias and there aren’t other factors affecting the result. “Even when bias is minimized, biomedical scientists always have to face the fact that nature is fickle.” As I said before as bacteria and disease become resistant to medication it’s also our responsibility as well as the scientist to improve medication to help defeat the bacteria or the diseases.

Something that stood out to me the most was the quote “Much of the time, scientist never get to the bottom of the mystery. They find a work-around and move on.” This stood out to me the most because in my opinion it show how scientist don’t put in as much effort as we think they do. We believe and trust them with our lives while they take short cuts to be able to finish and continue with something different. Something we can do to stop this from continuing is by creating a system that is in a checklist from where scientist can follow each step. Also we could have people who are more experienced in that field monitor to make sure there doing everything they’re supposed to do the correct way.

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