Introduction -Cyanna M.

Hi, my name is Cyanna M. Or as most know me by CeCe. I am looking forward this year in biomed to learning more about the human body or more in depth of how certain parts of our body work and what thier function is or what were to happen if one stops working maybe and how it’ll affect us now or later in the future.  I chose the biomedical pathway in freshman year because as a career I really want to be a nurse. I have lots of family in the medical field as nurses as well and as I watch them it’s just what I’ve come to want to do. I thought if I come into the biomed pathway I’ll have a more understanding of the body and would be prepared for college when we review and learn more about how a human works.  I hope to learn a lot more this year in hopes it’ll give me more ideas as to why our body is the way it is sometimes.

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