Chapter 1 -Cyanna M.

After I was finished reading the very first chapter in Rigor Mortis, I realized science isn’t always right or accurate. Sometimes it’s just the exact opposite. A lot of scientists make mistakes just as any other person does in the world and it could sometimes probly be harder for them as they are trying to figure out something completely new and different to them. Scientists may not be the worlds best known people but a lot of people look up to them like they are especially science teachers as these subjects are thier passion(sometimes:)). Scientists are just like any other hard working person in the world and have many mistakes in research they are doing or labs. Maybe sometimes they don’t know the mistakes are happing because they are so focused on actually trying to prove it right it might help just sometimes not in a good way. 

Most scientists come to find out that the work they were going based off of us not completely true. They are so far into their research that when they come up the conclusion they continue anyways not really thinking it’ll affect them now but maybe year later it could. Since a lot of them do research it takes years to come to at least on conclusion even though there could be more possibilities but all these year they have been spending a lot of money in this certain topic that it’s hard just to give it up and set it aside and I believe that’s why they continue research they have no idea where it’s going anymore. There will be times where they were told wrong and they were told right but there’s only so little WE can do that they will be able to figure it out on their own and still manage to keep there work and day and research on a working path. What’s a little wrong in order for things to start going in the right direction? 

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