Not everything is perfect-Valerie G

After reading chapter one of Rigor Mortis i realized that science isnt perfect. Its everything but perfect. The research that Scientist want us to believe is perfect and uncomplicated is actually not that advanced at all, between 1950 and 1980 scientist have made more progress with their research than they have in the last three decades! (page 71) Im not saying that all the research and studies scientist are providing us are wrong or hold errors im saying that scientist are not these perfect medicine machines. They make mistakes to just like us.and scientist arnt always right sometimes. (page 8)  Each year about a million biomedical studies are published in the scientific literature. And many of them are simply wrong.” (Pg 7) When you hear this you dont want to believe it right? you wouldnt want to think that a medicine you were already having doubts and worries about were actually true right?

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Sometimes scientist want to research so many new discoveries and hold new experiments that they dismiss when their work is double checked and wrong or sometimes they dont even bother to have someone to double check their work. For example  the first step of any research project would be to have company scientists repeat the experiment to see if they could come up with the same results. Most of the time, Amgen labs couldn’t. (page 8) Having to read this it was socking and i couldnt even wrap my head around the information. But its like rumors or news in the media. Theres always something new and exciting going on and we want to be apart of it, we want to learn more because were intrigued and excited. Im not stating its okay for scientist to not completely finish each scientific studie they do but i want to lt people be aware of it and understand that its something thats constantly hard.

So in conclusion its okay to be wrong about some things but when it comes to the important things in your life make sure you double check your work and are thorough with your material. You would rather catch your mistakes ahead of time than it be to late.

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