The challenge of precision Medicine-Heather B.

In chapter nine ‘The Challenge of Precision Medicine’ Is about how challenging it is to find Medicine and the tough process that it takes. Carolyn Compton, and especially Anna Barker worked in different ways that they wanted to and a way that they would understand themselves but even though with both having differences they also had a hint of similarity in between. This chapter really put in difference with the tissue that was present at HER2. “Two leading professional societies, representing pathologists and clinical oncologists, drew up new rules in 2010 that, among other improvements to reduce false readings, required preservation of breast tissue withing an hour of surgery. That has helped make the HER2 test significantly more reliable. But Compton noted with exasperation that breast cancer is the only cancer for which doctors are required to pay attention to the clock after surgically removing tissue.”( Page 200) After reading this it made me think that it was kind of repeating itself again like back to chapter one because scientist would release information that was false and wrong and even in 2010 they still made mistakes and were trying to do it right this time to ‘reduce’ false data or readings. As i kept reading it said that women with HER2 were not getting the drug that specifically targets HER2 or where getting a really expensive drug that was not useful to them and also had some side effects with it. This made me ask myself why would they not give the right medication? or Why would they give them taking an expensive drug that does not even help with HER2?


“As John Ioannidis discovered, the early efforts to collect meaningful genome data were a miserable failure. The scientific literature swelled with tens of thousands of papers reporting the discovery of a genetic marker for this or that disease. Attentive news consumers will remember many occasions in which researchers announced ‘a gene’ for schizophrenia or colon cancer or leukemia.”( page 204) One again the data that was found was not useful in his case. But this would mean to get back up again.

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