“I found something that doesn’t match my hypothesis”-Heather B.

After reading chapter seven I kind of understood what it meant by ‘Show your work’. Scientists would be doing all kinds of research and search for all these amazing things that they find but all in the end for what? When  finally finding something that you think is important and brilliant but that it doesn’t match the hypothesis or what you were trying to find out from the start. Sometimes these scientist do research and try to find good ideas but thoughtout time sometimes one forgets what they were actually looking for and therefore have the wrong piece of data.


In chapter seven it says “This federal registration system is far from perfect. Many scientists never follow up and report their data, despite the law. And researchers still sometimes change their goals after an experiment is well under way. But at least those critiquing their work can bring these changes to light”. Following with “Ben Goldacre a doctor and gadfly in the United Kingdom, has exposed many examples of studies that don’t report the results they said they would or present unanticipated results that are in fact exploratory rather than confirmatory”( page 148)I do kind of understand how the scientist feel though for not reporting their data because someone else could steal the idea or hypothesis. I wouldn’t want anyone stealing on my idea that I’ve worked so hard for only that person just to do it first than me and get all the credit. Scientist have to keep their hypothesis or what they are trying to find in secret, so no knows.

“Sharing data and methods weather through the Open Science Framework or some other means, would make science more transparent and in principle more reproducible. In fact some of the major journals make data sharing a requirement of publication”( Page 150). Sharing information woukd be taking a risk but also sometimes an advantage because a lot of brains are better than one. Also sharing your ideas and your hypothesis would be very open for other people do copy our own ideas.

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