The power of discipline -Cyanna M

Before you let out any scientific information on anything new your working on you have to make sure you have all the data, research and having done the experiment on someone or something (depending on what it is) first. Letting it out and not knowing what could happen to the people who take it is dangerous because someone could be allergic or have a really bad reaction to it and the family could take the company to court which isn’t good. If this were to ever happen, I believe that whoever had released this information without having data,research, etc. should have some sort of discipline.

Throughout this last chapter (10) it stated that many people go in and do the experiments scientists are probly planning to use later in the future if they have a good outcome based on these tests. Many of these people that go in and think it’ll be okay when they walk out but they never really know the outcome in the end. In this chapter it was started that “hormone replacement therapy was deadly to many women estrogen and progestin, claiming many lives during the years” (pg.) and “famous mistakes in biomedicine, such as the claim that estrogen and progestin benefited women who had hysterectomies, when in fact the combination increased heart disease and breast cancer” (pg. 219) prove that there is some false information and it can harm a lot of people even though they have this information but still deciding on continuing the experiment and releasing them to the world.

After reading this chapter I’ve learned that not everything is true about some medicines and that not all experiments can be safe to use on human being/subjects. If I were to learn more about this maybe in a different perspective or from someone who has been experimented on it would give us more information on as to why things happen the way they do.

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