Ice cold reality- Karen. P

scientist-08-16011_450In chapter 3, the main focus is a disease Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis shortened to ASL but also known as “Lou Gehrig’a disease”  because a famous baseball player was diagnosed with ASL back in the 1930’s,  ASL is a disease that western muscles and affects people’s physical contact “The first time we met, it was a gentle squeeze. When we met again a year later, we didn’t shake hands at all” Murphy was a strong man who played sports and now ASL is really affecting his life, and they’re isn’t even a single treatment for it, scientist have spent millions of dollars on experiments and research “cost 20 million the results; fail, fail, fail, fail, (57) they request 30 billion to keep further experimenting and researching but will more money just be wasted ? Or will we get some actual information that can help treat asl, but lately they have been out of funds, in 2014 people were doing an ice bucket challenge , that involves somebody dumping a bucket of ice and water to their head outside in the middle of summer this was done to raise awareness about asl and it did, millions of people donated, this is what we should do, join together so hopefully we find cures to these diseases. journals

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