Ever questioned a scientist work ? Karen. P

untrustworthyAfter reading the preface and the first chapter of the book “Rigor Mortis” I have realized that our research isn’t as advanced as they make us think,I used to think we were close to a cure to Alzheimer’s but in reality we haven’t really advanced our knowledge since the 1980  “researchers made much more progress between 1950 and 1980 than they did in the following 3 decades ” (page17) I thought that since we are in the 20th century and we have way more technology than they did back in the nineteen hundreds we would be more advanced with new treatmeants or preventions to diseases, even though we have more technology, they progressed a lot more back in the day, I feel like the research is stuck in dead ends, information that was given out that was incorrect and it mislead other research. Something else that really shocked me was that we don’t even have treatments for a lot of diseases, “of the 7,000 known diseases, only about 500 have treatments” (pg3) reading this chapter really opened my eyes and made me see that we aren’t that advanced in our medical research, and that we shouldn’t always trust others work and work based of of that. I had never realized this part of the scientist I never even questioned a scientific theory,


But after reading this I am more aware than I was before, not to believe everhing and anybody’s work, even though we are all humans and make mistakes.

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