What is the proper discipline? -Daniela P

With the creation of anything specifically in the biomedical fields I personally believe that if a treatment/product gets out into the public with little to no testing that there should be more consequences and a better discipline for those who clumsily make them and release them in mass quantities into the public. Not only is it dangerous because it is products that haven’t been really looked into clearly but it also hasn’t been tested by a human subject.

Human Subjects are living individuals who are used to conduct research to obtain data on certain experiments. You may think that this is a great plan, to have human subjects to test certain products to see if its harmful or not and that’s where the problem begins. These human subjects go in thinking that they are “safe” when in reality they don’t know what the results will be. “To cite one example, a careful study determined that hormone replacement therapy was deadly for many women taking the combination of estrogen and progestin, claiming many lives during the years doctors prescribed those drugs together.” as said in chapter ten of Rigor Mortis. Which clearly says that most of the time these human subjects aren’t cared for. Scientists conducting these tests only want their results and to get their data perfect. I think it’s incredibly scary to think that in parts of our country or even in other countries people such as scientists and doctors are doing experiments on those who don’t have a way out or are even incarcerated.  In a article I read it explained how in the mid eighties when AIDS struck in a mass quantity many big companies wanted to test their products to see if they could potentially cure AIDS. It was truly crazy the things that they did, to begin with not a major population of the prison had AIDS so they begun with infecting the inmates with the disease and then slowly injecting them with the “cure”. Only to know that with the conditions they are living in AIDS was fatal.

I believe that knowing human subjects exist and are still being used that we should really reconsider what exactly we test on them and how negatively they can be affected. I would actually love to learn more about how human subjects work and what they can be tested on and on what they can’t.

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  1. I agree with the author about the risk these ‘Humane subjects’ take. Its shocking to hear that the researchers and investigators will conduct these exparaments on the incarcerated, which the author did very well in presenting. Hopefully in the future scientists will figure out an alternative for testing harmful or painful substances on humane and animal life. -Adelyne T.

  2. As the author mention certain individuals or as there called “Human Subjects” are used to test medical products. I agree these individual are in danger and scientist need to be more discipline and less clumsy. I wonder if testing these products on humans is dangerous and putting there life at risk, and making mice test the product triggers a lot of the research, what will scientist use to test there products in the future? -Elizabeth M.

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