Intro and Chapter 1 -Kerianah M 

After reading the introduction and chapter one I agreed with what Richard Harris said “Rigor in biomedical science certainly isn’t dead, but it does need a major jolt of energy.” (pg 3) I was shocked after it reading that a few scientists aren’t taking the labs serious. They aren’t using the right procedures and the right amount of time they should be. The money that is being spent is being wasted which comes from American households which is an average 900 dollars a year. After reading a little bit more I got a clearer look on exactly how much is being waisted “Freedman figured that about half of all preclinical research isn’t trustworthy. He went on to calculate that untrustworthy papers are produced at the cost of 28 billion dollars a year.” (pg 14) After reading this all I learned that the biomedical industry needs improvement and it’s going to take time and effort to make that happen. 

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