Medical Standards Who? -Elizabeth.M

Scientists make discoveries and find new ways to treat and control many diseases. But all these precious medicine comes with many challenges. As Campton told Richard Harris, “There are no national standards for handling tissue in research labs.” In other words the scientist don’t have a certain steps or rules to follow during a procedure. Causing many factors to affect the results of the research. The snippets of DNA, proteins and

 Tissue Sample

other molecules used in labs are fragile. There are many factors that affect the results of the lab research, such as the amount of time the tissue sits around before its preserved, the amount of blood supply the tissue is receiving and room temperature. As in the article of Importance of Tissue Samples, explains how tissue samples are part of the lab and how they affect it. As said in the article “We take great strides to ensure that the tissue studies are of the highest quality. But their certain cancers are difficult to collect.”  As the TGCA said they are facing some challenges during their sample collection. Every scientist is facing a problem and it’s time to take action.


As Compton commented “We will not have precision medicine unless we can fix this problem.” I believe scientist should have steps and standards to follow during a lab research. Without these standards many scientist can do whatever during a procedure and every step and move a scientist does during a lab affects the results.

Braker contracted researchers to perform specific tasks and they had to meet certain standards. Braker gave them detailed directions on how to collect, handle and store tissue and how the DNA would be sequenced and finally how to analyze the results. During this experiment Breaker concluded that scientist should work towards one collective goal instead of pursuing individual projects. I think that Barker’s experiment showed that scientist should have standards to look up to and follow during a procedure because it gives them sort of a guideline to follow, even though scientist might not feel creative during their experiment because they have to follow certain rules and steps. It’s time for scientist stop creating there own rules to follow, it’s time for individual researchers invent their own thing, it’s time for scientist to follow certain standards to improve medicine and take advantage of this precision medicine that exist.


All together scientist need to work with each other and learn not only from their mistakes but from each other. As Richard Harris said “Scientists have proposed many standards over the years, but their colleagues are often unaware of them, and, in any case, there’s no easy way to impose them on an entire field.” Medical researchers are getting multiple problems that will and are affecting precision medicine if they don’t collect samples the correct way. Altogether I believe all scientist should learn how to collect data as new diseases are discovered and technology is progressing over time.


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