Cutting Corners, Bending Truth, and Prettifying Work- Itzayana R.

After reading chapter 8 from the book Rigor Mortis, I learned that scientists have been doing this to their work for many years. Richard Harris explains how scientists hurry to publish their work just to try to be the first one and by doing that they need to cut corners on their work and the majority of the time it is not correct. When I finished reading chapter 8, I was not necessarily shocked about the scientist’s work being sloppy and incorrect because I found that out back in chapters 1 and 3. “It doesn’t necessarily pay to be right. It actually pays to be sloppy and just cut corners and get there first. That’s wrong. That’s really wrong.” said by Veronique Kiermer executive editor of (PLOS) (Page 172). I agree with Ms. Kiermer because everything they are doing is not going to help science, it is actually making it worse by not putting in the correct work and publishing something that they know it is not right but scientists still do it anyways.Scientist-confused

What shocked me the most was how they are pressured into publishing sloppy work  just so they can advance more into their career because if they take their time to do it right and hardly never publish something, they are not going anywhere. “Its hand in hand with the issue of reproducibility because people know what it takes to get their paper into one of these journals, and they will bend the truth to make it fit because their career is on the line,” (page 177) That is sad to hear that scientists will go to that extent because their career is not going anywhere so they bend the truth, cut corners, and prettify their work to get somewhere but they are lying to us and giving us half of the actual true work.1243295-clipart-of-a-cartoon-caucasian-boy-scientist-with-an-experiment-gone-bad-royalty-free-vector-illustration

“Often times, hiring committees won’t even look twice at an application if the job seeker isn’t the lead author of at least one paper in a top-tier journal.” (page 175) I think hiring committees should not be doing that because I’m pretty sure most of the papers in those top- tier journals are not correct and that is not going to help them in anything. They are not giving other people a chance and that is wrong. Just because they may not be the lead author of a paper in the top-tier journal does not mean  that they aren’t smart or not good enough. I hope scientists stop doing that and actually take their time in their work.


Scientists looking at computer screen

Scientist shrugging


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  1. Itzayana, I think you did a great job of clearly explaining what the chapter was about and had great pictures to go with it. I like how you included the quotes you agreed with to show your thinking. Like you said, your post also made me think about the first chapter of Rigor Mortis and helped explain why scientists publish incorrect work. Great job! -Jennifer O.

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