The little mistakes-Valerie G

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In 2002 researchers from the FDA (food and drug administration) and the NIH national institutes of health created a new test that would allow them to detect ovarian cancer in an easier and safer way. The test would allow people to avoid getting surgery just to rule out the possibility of cancer.This test was such a big breakthrough because many women learn they have the disease in its later stages.(pg 123)  the researchers got so much attention from the press and even ended up in the TODAY show, people were excited and eager for this test to be available as well. The test works by instead of the researchers searching for just one particular molecule like most of the lab test do this specific test looked for broader patterns and a broader protein spectrum. like Harris said,” it seemed like a start of something big.Really big.” (pg.124) Baggerly was very interested in this test he decided to see if he could see the same data that these researchers were seeing if he recreated the test himself,step by step. But the data wasn’t adding up, Baggerly reported “and we couldn’t find the patterns that they were reporting”(pg.124) I was shocked after reading this because this giant test that hundreds of woman were depending on was really just a scientist who jumped to a conclusion that their research study was successful after just one good outcome. there was no test that could make their life’s easier, just a test that a couple of scientist were putting so much hope on that they didn’t remember to double check

Related imagethis is just one example of researchers who really want their studies to work out that at the first glance of hope they jump to the conclusion that its correct.When this happens its called “the batch effect” (pg.125) and believe it or not this happens on hundreds of research studies. For me Most of the material I choose to believe i prefer it to have solid facts to go along with them. Especially with medicine, there are so many harsh and harmful medicines being produced and facts can decide weather or not it will make you worse or help you tremendously. Overall you should do more research before you just easily believe someones “facts”

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