When jumping watch where you’re landing -Daniela P.

In chapter six, Jumping To Conclusions, of Rigor Mortis’s book I have learned that to get a successful outcome you always have to follow through the right procedures and when stumped by a certain failure you have to keep written the part that made the failure in order to find other techniques to get the outcome you want. In page 133 Rigor says “Scientists could have avoided many of the problems in analyzing big data sets had they had a clear understanding of one key concept: statistical significance. In fact, the lack of understanding plagues many areas of biomedical research.” Saying that due to the scientists lack of knowledge on certain data makes any experiment unsuccessful because they don’t know where they messed up or what to avoid in the following trials.

As well as failed labs and experiments there have been successes in the biomedical field or so we think, ” Over the years breathless headlines have celebrated scientists claiming to have found a gene linked to schizophrenia, obesity, depression, heart disease – you name it. ” as Rigor said. But what can scientist do when the data is scarce and incomplete for example schizophrenia a mental disorder that affects children and adults around the world yet there is no cure for it. Like in the case of Michael and Susan and their schizophrenic daughter Jani.  When reading the article of Jani and her parents it really made me think about what causes this disease and if there are labs being conducted at this exact moment to try and find a cure for this mental disorder. Michael and Susan explain how difficult the past seven years of their lives have been since Jani was born. They have gone through many challenging decisions such as splitting up and living in completely different house holds for the safety of their younger child and both parents suffering  with depression and suicidal thoughts. Knowing that there are many cases like Jani’s why hasn’t there been more “excitement” and eagerness on trying to find a cure. I personally believe that people who suffer from schizophrenia shouldn’t be shut off from the world like they are, in most cases people who suffer from schizophrenia are bipolar and aggressive then resulting in treatments such as hospitalized clinics I think that there should be more options that lean on the therapeutic side and help from psychiatrists that can help from home rather then the patients being cut off from society.

Baby steps can take you a long way.  Scientists have been taking big jumps into bottomless pits and not really ending with cures for diseases that can really take tolls on families lives. If we try and all work together we can really change the lives of those in need.


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  1. loved reading your post about chapter six of Rigor Mortis. Your title was extremely creative and it pulled me in right away. I completely agree with the things you stated in this post about the book and I found what it said on page 133 really interesting as well. Good Job! -Lila H.

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