Wrong path -Cyanna M.

After reading this chapter (chapter 5) I learned a lot of new things and to be honest most of those thing I had never heard of them. I was really interested in how many misunderstood the cell line and antibodies are found to be. Most scientists end up finding out that what they found weren’t exactly accurate and were lead to false answers. Many scientists are found that after one was found to be wrong they have just completely kinda failed.
I found it kinda sad when scientists found that when everyone was thinking it was breast cancer cells but was actually melanoma. It’s sad to think about this because we know that scientists we hoping to getting closer and finding a cure for breast cancer when in reality they were not even close because of the mislabeling or these specific cells. “It’s gene pattern matched the melanoma cells and really had nothing to do with the breast cancer cell lines. So we repeated the experiment to make sure we didn’t screw it up and got the same melanoma pattern.”(pg. 101)


It was sad that many really believed they found a cure but it wasn’t. Hopefully many have learned now that they have to make sure the patterns were different from anything they have found/experimented on so they know to continue and not waste a bunch of money and time on something that was already found. It’ll help them in the long run knowing something was labeled correctly and benefit more people if successful. Scientists will find themselves taking more time and money but it’s okay to them because they know they might actually be getting some were if their experiments turn out find. Maybe then finding it was not actually cancer was false hope BUT it did teach them that going back to check for future experiments will help them in many ways and can lead them to finding a cure later on in life.

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