Ice Ice Baby-Danna M.

 In chapter 3 of Rigor Mortis it tells about one of the most heartbreaking stories about abysmal experimental design which involves amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).”The search for a treatment for this deadly degenerated disease is rife with studies so poorly designed that they offered nothing more than false hope for people essentially handed death sentence along with their diagnosis.”(53) This information in this chapter really took me by surprise, which I took the liberty to point out that as Ellie says in her very fascinating post called Scientists Are Using Suggestions As Facts and Giving People False Hope-Ellie L ” When scientist use suggestions to find things that aren’t really there, and publish those results, it can cause false hope if those results pertain to a disease or a certain condition, that doctors can’t cure.” This is very well spoken considering the fact that many Biomedical research that is done without enough Rigor can definitely cause false hope to arise. The disease that I read in the chapter A Bucket of cold water that I would be interested in learning more about is ALS. I find the disease is very complicated and I want to know what causes the disease and how it can be cured. When I hear the stories of the people that have been diagnosed with the disease and how they, in a sense, slowly start to deteriorate and their muscles weaken. “People around the world donated more than $100 million to fight this deadly ailment during the Ice Bucket Challenge of 2014.” This shows that there are many people that invest a lot of money in the ALS project and many of it is wasted, because scientist do not have enough “rigor” in their designed studies, as is supported in the website PBS NEWSHOUR published by NSIKAN AKPAN in which you can locate in this link. So as we move forward in Biomedical research to know about the flaws in our system we have to go deeper into the roots in order to find what the solution to the problems that we have been facing in our Biomedical research and it begins with the young scientist of today’s time.

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  1. Well first off I would like to say I love your post. The way you went into depth on ALS and the experience of the ice bucket challenge was amazing and then you add in your own feelings and thoughts about the issue. It was all well written and put together. But I would like to ask you a question about based on what you read how would you have done your research differently. And would you have done the ice bucket challenge to get more people involved if you were in charge? Again I loved your post great job.-Jenaya P.

  2. This is a very well thought out post. I love how you included many pictures to give visuals of what you were talking about. I also loved how you inserted a link to a fellow student’s post so that you could support your statement with other information instead of just saying random things without anything to back it up with. I also enjoy your opinion of the disease and the current research on a cure for it. I was wondering, have you done the ALS challenge? Also have you found any research on scientists that have found any breakthroughs that could lead to a cure in the near future? – Leia P.

  3. Hello Danna,
    I really enjoyed to read your post. To start out, I would like to say that your post was very well structured, learning about what you read in this chapter then connecting to Ellie’s post about scientist giving false hope, to expressing your thoughts about this matter. I heard about ALS in the news because of the ice bucket challenge. More people where aware of this disease and were donating money but until now I had forgotten about and realized the flaw of money being wasted. When the ice bucket challenge was happening, were you aware of the purpose of it and did you participate?
    – Charlen P.

    1. Hello Charlen,
      Thank you for commenting on my post, and I am glad to know that you enjoyed it. When the challenge was going on, I did not participate, because I was concerned of what it would have done with my health. And no I did not know what it was for in fact I didn’t know where and when it had been started. Again I really appreciate you commenting, it means a lot, and I hope to read your post as well. Thank you
      – Danna M.

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