World Full With Corners(Intro and chapter 1)-Esmeralda R.

After reading the introduction and first chapter of Rigor Mortis, I realized there was more to be aware of in our world. As Richard Harris says,” But it turns out we live in a world with an awful lot of corners. Most of the time we round one only to discover another corner rather than a destination.”(pg 1) This proves how although there’s been years of research and medication findings, we still end up going back to the beginning, in search for better methods. A lot of diseases remain untreatable and scientists still have trouble finding the problems. As pointed in the book, “Most of science is built on inference rather than direct observation.”(pg.4) Realizing how things are actually thought of, science now feels to be more on inference for scientists and their personal opinions, which doesn’t make it seem as statistical anymore . Cures of diseases are now more complicated than before because of the ways they are handled and as I learned this year in the biomedical pathway, bacteria becomes resistant and stronger to antibiotics as time grows. Research for new discoveries seem to start lacking and make us realize even more about reality and how it’s impacting our world.

.re-search definition

According to an article posted by The Week, cures and remedies are becoming hard and expensive and prove how they have no clues for cure. The sad truth, “Occasionally there is outright fraud. But a large share of what gets published is wrong.”(pg.7) makes reality stand out even more with all the lies and incorrect things and facts we are told. Not everything you hear by a doctor or scientist is true, unless you let yourself believe in it. Results given are misleading with all the research for treatments and cures, this also affects scientists who assume what they read in the literature is true and start things,such as,research projects ,based on the information. Many searches for different things are usually inspirations to people’s past or childhood. As mentioned,”Many biomedical scientists are motivated to discover new secrets of life- and to make the world a better place for humanity.”(pg.12) This explains how scientists not only work hard for discoveries in search of wealth, but also have motivation to discover in return of new secrets to our world of health. Although we are not aware of scientists difficulties as they work to find diagnoses and research, our world and race depends on them. There is a lot of failures in research, but sometimes it is meant to make us stronger in order to accomplish and move on.


try, fail, repeat, success


cycle to reach success: try, fail, try

again, success

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