“Why Most Published Research Findings Are False”(preface/chapter 1)-Yirha N

After reading the preface and chapter one of this book I’m in shock. It also turns out that that scientists have been taking shortcuts around methods they are suppose to use to avoid fooling themselves. The consequences are now haunting biomedical research.” (Pg 1).All this time scientists and researchers have lied about the research that they’ve done. If that’s not enough we have spent millions to help support all this research. All scientist do is cut corners and find the easy way out, instead of actually finding a real answer/cure for the problem/issue that has been reached out to them. Scientist haven’t taken the time to actually find the correct cure for certain problems that are going on around the world such as cancer or alzheimer’s they tried to avoid big problems like that. In chapter one there is it example where C. Glenn Begley went ahead and decided to reproduce research that had been done before but with the same materials so he could see the difference in the results. “ they estimate that 20 percent of studies have untrustworthy designs; about 25 percent use dubious ingredients, such as contaminated cells or antibodies that aren’t nearly selective and accurate as scientist assume them to be”(Pg 14) Honestly in my opinion if I was in the shoes of scientist I would’ve done my research correct the first time therefore less money and time is spent on redoing or remaking the research again just to make sure it was well done the first time around. This isn’t only affecting the scientist/researchers, this is also mostly affecting the people with cancer or alzheimer’s because to this day their is no cure for their condition. Scientist should just do it right since the beginning because there research just done upon their guesses, this leads to incorrect information being published to the public. Us as the public believes these “theory’s” done by the scientist. We rely on them to give us the correct information, information we can trust. Therefore after reading this portion of the book I have noticed that we shouldn’t really trust on the sciences research because most of of the research that’s done isn’t 100 percent accurate. As I keep I hope to find a way for me to believe the research done by the scientist. Because yes I understand that the work done by the scientist takes a lot of time but yet isn’t done correctly.http://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020124

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