Path to my future-Esmeralda R.

Hello, my name is Esmeralda R. For my high school pathway, I decided to choose the biomedical pathway. The reason I chose it was because as I grew up, I’ve always looked up to my mom as an inspiration.She would always be studying biology, anatomy, physiology, and etc.The work and time she put in, inspired me to do something similar.I  want to be able to go through the same as she did and  follow her steps.Richard Harris’s post made me realize how far from perfect we are in making cures for our bodies and how we can improve for our future.Next year, I  want to learn about how our bodies actually function to keep us alive. our bodies have a lot of functions and ways in which they work, knowing specifically how they function would be interesting to learn and how they react to various forms of treatments and medications. Although the biomedical pathway is challenging, it is worth going for in order to have more knowledge of.

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