Who can we really trust? – Elizabeth M.

During a doctor’s visit, I never questioned the doctors diagnose or their work. But after reading chapter one and the preface of Rigor Mortis by Richard Harris, it has made me think if scientist are really trustworthy? After Richard spilled on how scientist all over the world chose to take the easy route and skip some steps of the procedure, it demonstrates one of the reasons why scientist are having a harder time to find a cure of many diseases such as cancer and Alzheimer.



After just reading the first chapter, I truly think that the wrong diagnoses made by scientist are not only affecting us but it’s creating a barrier between finding a cure and the bacteria becoming more resistant. I believe this because as I learned last year in Principles of Bio-med, bacteria is becoming resistant to antibiotics. This is happening due to many causes, such as overdose, not following doctor’s orders, and diagnosing improperly.

As Woodcock said “It’s like nine out of ten airplanes we designed fell out of the sky. Or nine out of ten bridges we build failed to stand up.” (pg.17) If I was a scientist aware of this issue, i wouldn’t be as surprised as I was once i came across the information stated in the book. Biomedical research at the moment is suffering and it’s time for scientist to start acting on the problem and fixing it. If i was a scientist and knew this problem was getting out of hand as it’s getting know, I would take action. Instead of sugar coating the information given to the patient and making them unaware of what’s going on. Instead I would let them know because I believe it’s better to be aware than falsely informed.

These two scientist share the same interest in the areas of breast cancer. But as the book stated Ying and Hines had different results on studying what caused and how to cure breast cancer. That story of these two scientists, showed how many scientist are aware of how the results of experiments have different outcomes. While human beings are trusting scientist with their life and hoping that there’s a cure for their disease. Meanwhile scientist are struggling to find a cure just as much as the patient is struggling with the infection or disease.

Scientist are using millions and millions of dollars to do “research”, as they call it. According to Who Picks Up the Tab for Science?  The American Association for the Advancement of Science, the federal government pays almost $140 billion a year for research and development. But over the years the amount of money scientist received have increased. In 2010 scientist received almost $160 billion for research and development. We all believe this is a good cause to spend billions and billions of dollars, meanwhile we are unaware of the difficulties scientist are going through to find the right diagnose and doing the right research. As Davis said “There were a few talented scientists, but the field was actually adrift.” (pg.51) It’s time for scientist to work together and confront/talk to each other about the research and go step by step to see the differences they made during a procedure to find the correct solution. Instead


 of keeping it to themselves and do nothing about it. The human race is on these scientist hands and it’s their job and responsibility to find medication or a solution for our body to fight the new disease that are discovered daily.

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  1. I really liked your opening paragraph. It was a nice entrance into the topic of your article. I too had never questioned the diagnosis of my doctor, but I can guarantee that the next time I’ll go that I’ll be sure to double check everything they say. I especially loved how you tied your post to the material we learned in Biomed last year. It jogged some memories from when we learned about immunity. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed your post. Well done! ~Lanna A.

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