“Nothing We Can Do, Next” -Ashley F.

Reading the Preface gives you a good idea of what you’re about to read, even though sometimes reading the title you can make an estimated guess of what’s going to happen. What surprised me was that I was expecting the author to tells about what he wanted the reader to understand from reading this book or maybe any background about himself and why he wrote the book. I surely didn’t expect him to give us numbers and data. It was interesting to find out an average on how much is spent on research. It’s amazing that one is given so much money to do a research that they are just gonna end up giving up on.


The first chapter was great, it was good for one to read what happened in an interview with an actual doctor. What was more surprising was that a doctor is willing to tell the truth and not deny what’s happening. That there’s doctors that can just give up and not let people edit their own work. What if someone could make a change and find an answer something that’s reproducible? In this chapter he said people would just move on to the next experiment leaving something undone. It’s as if they are changing the page on a recipe because they don’t have the ingredients. In this case they don’t have the ingredients but they do have the money to go buy them, they have the money to get what they need. I believe that coming to find an answer needs time but also commitment and patience because it will take a whole lot more than a village to find a cure for cancer or anything else. Wasting this money isn’t doing anything for anyone and doctors telling us that there’s a clinical trial in place is just giving us false hope if doctors give up and leave. Don’t get me wrong I really do like the book this is just my way of coping with the information given to us so far. Richard Harris is amazing for giving us an inside to what doctors are doing with their skills.

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