Only if The Public Knew (intro/chap.1) Raven W.

“Rigor in biomedical science certainly isn’t dead, but it does need a major jolt of energy”. (Introduction, pg.3) Just reading the first two pages of the introduction, I started to agree with the that statement that was said by Richard Harris. I was completely surprised by the fact that a lot of scientist aren’t taking some labs as serious as they should and aren’t taking the right procedures or enough time, that is supposed to be spent on labs. The amount of money that is being spent, ends up being wasted which is also a very big surprise to me, because most don’t even know about this. The average American household spends 900 dollars a year to support biomedical studies. That means that the money from those households can go to certain labs and research papers. I was left wondering, about how much money in total is wasted on certain biomedical studies that aren’t worked on more efficiently. After reading further into chapter one, I had a better understanding. “Freedman figured that about half of all preclinical research isn’t trustworthy. He went on to calculate that untrustworthy papers are produced at the cost of 28 billion dollars a year”. (Chapter 1, pg. 14). Certain biomedical research institutions  are writing research papers that aren’t even stating the correct facts or information. That’s wasting too much money for incorrect information that is given out to the public. Most scientist that are quoted throughout this chapter are very passionate about this problem, meaning that they want to see a change in the biomedical science industry and I definitely feel the same way. If I were a scientist doing an important experiment, I would take more time too make sure that I am doing everything right. I will also make sure that I have the correct information that I’m going to give to the public. Through further reading, it seems like the public isn’t getting the correct information but we don’t actually know it. As Malcolm Macleod said, “I don’t think anyone gets up in the morning and goes to work with the intention to do bad science or sloppy science”. (chapter 1, pg. 14) Overall in this chapter I learned a lot, but I have soon come to a realization that the biomedical science industry definitely needs help, and it’s going to take a lot to do so.

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  1. Kerrisa L. – After reading your Blog post, I really enjoyed the way you state your opinion throughout the post. Instead of just stating facts or things that you read in the book, you wrote about how you felt about these certain things, and the thoughts that you had on them. One suggestion that I would have would be to fact check your blog before you post it, I did notice one mistake, but other than that I was really impressed and loved reading your post.

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