Rigor Around the Rosie-Danna M.

“Simply too much of what’s published is wrong.”(1 pg.) This is what the author of Rigor Mortis, Richard Harris stated in his Introduction. It took me by surprise from the very beginning. One would think that mostly all of the products of Biomedical sciences and science in general would hold true, but that is not the case. Whenever I look at the commercials on the t.v I notice that a lot of products that they try and sell always input the contribution that science made and how it is well recommended by many labs and scientist. I always feel more comfortable when they say that the product is backed up by science, but now I question the contribution and its origin. There are many medical breakthroughs that it seems that are just around the corner for many diseases like Alzheimer’s, cancer, leukemia and many more, as is shown in Huffpost website, where you can locate here on this link. “My use of the term “rigor mortis,” or the stiffness that comes after death, is of course a bit of hyperbole in the service of wordplay. Rigor in biomedical science certainly isn’t dead, but it does but it does need a major jolt of energy.”(3 pg.) This statement from Rigor Mortis stands out to me more ,because it differs from the scientific research found in the media. For instance there are many advances in medicine that occur very frequently in today’s time, as the media announces, although Richard Harris says otherwise. He writes” Sometimes the scientist has unconsciously willed the data to tell a story that’s not in fact true.”(7 pg.) This is in the beginning of chapter 1 Begley’s Bombshell, based on what I read in this chapter I will plan my own research experiment differently by following the procedures and steps to the lab and by not swaying the results to match the hypothesis (not to say that I do any of those things but still). From reading this introduction and chapter 1 it has been made clear to me that the Biomedical science is in need of some Rigor and as the future scientist that we are made to be, we will have to apply that to our daily work in order to bring the Biomedical discoveries to the truth and for that we will have to “Rigor around the Rosie”♥

“The Institute for Biomedical Sciences.” Google , http://www.google.com /
search? Q = science & safe = strict & source = lnms & tbm = isch & sa = X & ved = 0ahUKEwj3n-OAoaDUAhWH2
     YMKHaCcCyEQ_AUICygC & biw = 1242 & bih = 602 # safe = strict & tbm = isch & q = biomedical + science & im
     grc = BcKWa8Am-RSrmM :. Posted 2 June 2017.
Created: 06/02/17 06:09 PM
“House of Cards: Is Something Wrong with the State of Science?” Google, http://www.google.com/ search? Q = science & safe = strict & source = lnms & tbm = isch & sa = X & ved = 0ahUKEwj3n-OAoaDUAhWH2 YMKHaCcCyEQ_AUICygC & biw = 1242 & bih = 602 # safe = strict & tbm = isch & q = wrong + biomedical + scie nce & imgrc = mLcQVchJJR9ktM :. Posted 2 June 2017. Created: 06/02/17 06:13 PM



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  1. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my post, Danna. I went back and read your own post where I found that we even used the same quote to prove completely different points in our writing. My favorite part was when you used the quote from the beginning of chapter 1 (pg. 7) and connected it with your own future. You took the mistakes of these scientists, and added it to your own perspective to ensure that you would not repeat them. I love how you did not lose your voice in your writing, and I especially love the title and explanation you chose in this post. I look forward to what you will write next. ~Lanna A

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