Rigor Mortis Intro/Chapter 1- Jenaya P.

I was reading Richard Harris intro of his book Rigor Mortis I came upon a very instering fact relating to disease treatments many offering just marginal benefits. (pg.3) ” I had done a little reasearch on how many diseases or viruses are discovered durning different time periods. And it turns out according to workd health organization in 2016 out breaks and the old diseases, the science department can’t get to every single disease to create a treatment for them all, Another thing that I had read in the intro was the cost of all the different experiments being done in the lab.

What had suprised me most was that and I

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quote ” American taxpayers contribute more than $30 billion a year to fund National institutes of Health….. and the average American household spends $900 a year to support biomedical studies..(pg2)” And most of that money goes down the drain due to lack of research to continue the experiments or very poor experimenting. Not to mention that we go out and buy almlost half that amount of money each year to help with our health benefits. So we can be healthy enough to go to work and make money so we can pay our taxes and the government can send it off the Science institution so they can experiment. All creating one really big cycle.




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And in chapter 1 Mr. Harris was talking about scientist Glenn Begley and his 53 studies he took with him after leaving the Amgen (after 10 years of service). Begley said “So it wasn’t just that Amgen was unable to reproduce them. What was more shocking to me was the original ivestigators themselves were not able to.”said Begley. “Of the fifthy three original studies that Begley put to the test, he could reproduce just six. Six. That’s barely one out of ten.(pg.9) said, Harris. Based on what I’ve read from chapter 1 I would have strategized a little more. Seeing that some of the experiments done didn’t have much research I would have went back and got more reasearch done. Along with seeing what had happened that caused the experiment to not work. I also would have tried to collect a few more files to test on. That could increase the number of treaments that would have been successful. In the end, the money taxpayers pay for the unsuccessful experiments could have been planned out a little better. The scientist could have search for what they were missing in their data and guessed out on  how much they think they may need to create a successeful experiment.


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