Reasons why – Serena A.

Hi my name is Serena. I am here to tell you that there are more than just two simples reasons as to why I chose biomed as my pathway to stick with all throughout my high school career.

First off, biomed is by far one of my favorite classes. When I first walked into the biomed classroom in 8th grade, the first thing that I heard was that the boomed classroom was a place where you could ask as many questions as you want without sounding clueless, and that caught my attention right away.

Everyone I talked too said that they were happy they chose biomed and wouldn’t change to any of the other pathways even if they had the chance. Although the all said that it was a lot of work and note taking, they also said that it was the best class they had with the best science teachers. Of course seeing all the animals that we were eventually going to dissect attracted me too. Science has always been one of my favorite subjects, and being in biomed would allow me to expand my horizons about science. After high school I would like to continue to study in the biomedical field in college and already having some basic background info would really benefit me going into college. I’m really looking forward to 10th grade biomed.


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