A Lifetime- Kerrisa L.

Hi! My name is Kerrisa L. Last year in eighth grade I decided to join the BioMed pathway, because since I was a young kid I have always wanted a job in the Medical field. The World of medicine has always interested me because my Uncle, and my aunt both worked in Hospitals. Getting to see them do things that I had never been shown before fascinated me. My father also used to work in a hospital and he would tell me stories about things that he experienced, and it was something that always caught my attention. One day my uncle got me a stethoscope and I would walk around the house listening to everyone’s heart beats, pretending like I was a Doctor. I used to sit down and instead of watching Netflix and TV like the other kids, I would watch videos of surgeries being performed. Watching the work that these Surgeons and Doctors performed amazed me, and that feeling that has stayed with me all these years, came to me when we were choosing our pathways; And because of it I choose a pathway for myself in BioMed.

Children as Doctors


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