An Expanding Industry- Audra K


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Hello, my name is Audra K and I will be in sophomore BioMed next year. When someone hears I’m in BioMed, I am generally asked what I want to do with my life. They generally end up confused when my answer is not “orthopedic surgeon” or “pediatrician”, but rather “I have some ideas, but first thing after I finish my undergrad I just want to travel the and see what it’s actually like in the real world before I make that decision.”. In fact I have only two non-school related life goals: 1) get a TESOL certification and teach English in Prague, and 2) ski Corbets Couleor in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Doesn’t sound exactly promising. Upon hearing that, I’m assumed to be a non responsible human being, however this is not the case. I know that I want to spend my time improving other people’s lives in some way, and I believe by leaving myself open to as much as I can and experiencing as much as possible when I’m young, I can grow as person through my experiences and know how I can make a difference my myself and the people around me, wether I’m an International Studies professor, or a FSO, or working in a city management position. You may still see this and say “Why are you in BioMed when you don’t want to work in medicine?”. The least complicated answer I can give to that is to say that the Medical industry is expanding worldwide. While I may not see myself as something generally considered to be part of the Biomedical field, nearly every career field in every country involves biomedical innovation, population, or some other connection. Educating ourself in an industry that may soon expand even more could be crucial for us by opening up our minds, giving us a passion for public service, and helping us to experience a world outside of our own. BioMed isn’t just about us learning about the medical field, it’s about us learning to expand ourselves and be innovative in our lives no matter what we decide to do with our lives. That’s why next year I’m excited for us to learn about to innovations in the Biomedical industry that could potentially change the world.

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