First college then my family- Jenaya P.

Hi! My name is Jenaya P. and next year as you already know I will be in the 10th grade. I chose the Biomed pathway because ever since I could remember I always wanted to help people and I thought why not be a doctor.  But then as I got older I saw what doctors really do you know surgery, needles, blood and I just couldn’t do that so I switched my career field to becoming a pediatrician. And I thought why not I love kids that was my field choice from age 6 till I was 12. Then when I turned 15 one of my friends told me about a field that she thought I would like. A when she told me I loved it involve kids, along with having a doctor like feeling. She told me I should be a neonatologist which is like a nurse/predation I get to work with the babies when there first born. I clean then and check to make sure everything is going well. I love the biomedical pathway because it will help me reach my goal which is to get to college and help my family. Mostly, my mom, she’s been the biggest supporter I ever had and I don’t want to just disappoint her or my whole family. I will be the FIRST FEMALE in my family to go to college right after high school. That’s big for me and being in this pathway will help get me there.

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