An Inference of the Influence – Alex S.

Hi, I’m Alex Swearingen. I chose biomed because I’ve been interested in medical science since I was very little. I had many books on biomedical topics, some written and illustrated by David Macaulay. Although his books might be under our reading level now, I still believe David Macaulay to be an extremely talented and creative writer and illustrator that can put very complex concept

s into a perfectly synthesized explanation. I love his work because it allows kids to learn and retain important information about how the world works that they will for sure use in the future, all while flipping through eye-catching colorful pictures and comparisons. Another reason I’ve loved biomed for so long is because my father, who trained and was certified as an EMT twice in his life, would always relate things to the human body, explain processes and talk about all of the experiences he had when working as an EMT. He made sure I knew all the bones in the body far before we started having P.E. quizzes on them. His father was a talented, practiced general surgeon here in Austin, and left lots of books and equipment to my dad that I’ve been familiar with my whole life. I remember the insanely detailed Frank Netter books that filled our shelves and scared me more than anything else when I was little. However, I grew to find interest in the books, and would flip through them with my dad occasionally as he would recall experiences with patients just like Netter was describing. The books were not the exact thing that influenced my pathway decision, but I’m sure they are some part of the reason I find many parts and processes of the human body interesting.

The Way We Work – David Macaulay – Google Books

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