Richard Harris’ Research on Reaching the End -Fatima R.

Hello, my name is Fatima R. A story by Richard Harris on NPR that I found interesting was  “Are We Reaching The End Of The Trend For Longer, Healthier Lives?”  because it focused on how the reasons for early death have changed in the past decades. Heart attacks used to be the main reason why people died suddenly, but with new medicine and a better understanding of how to prevent them, their leading cause for death has declined.  Richards Harris discusses how obesity seems likely to bring an end to this created pattern of being able to live longer lives because of the way it worsens risk factors of heart disease. Overall I found this story very interesting because we always talk about how obesity is increasingly becoming a problem, but I hadn’t given much though to how it could cause an early death and make heart disease scarier.


Feet on scale — Image by © Authority Nutrition
Heart with stethoscope  — Image by © BW Primary Care



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