Learning Something new!

Hi my name is Brenda H:

Next year, I hope to learn more about the human body systems and how our body functions. I find this very interesting because I want to be able to know how my body works.

I chose the biomedical science pathway because I think it is the most interesting. I love all the knowledge behind the science and wish to do a biomedical science career in the future.  There are yet many things that are undiscovered and many more that I have to learn!

An interesting story by Richard Harris is his report on “Climate Change”, Mr.Harris states  that things are “Basically the same” and how the planet is warming and humans are responsible. I would like to learn more about this concept as well, Mr.Harris makes it all seem easy. He also said; “underlines that the more scientists study this issue, the more confident they are that human activities are changing the planet,” I find the topic interesting since this is about the world we live in and that we are killing.

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