Being the change -Jacqueline A.

IMG_3878Hello! My name is Jacqueline A. I chose the biomedical pathway because I have always been interested in science. All the experiments we did in elementary school were always very interesting and exciting to me and that’s when I knew that when I grew up I wanted a job that was related to science. There is always so many fascinating and mind blowing things you can learn and discover every single day. This past year I have learned so many new things that I never knew. I also chose the biomedical pathway because I want to go to medical school in the future and become a doctor. That has always been my dream and I know one day I will be able to achieve that dream. Next year I hope to learn about the brain and how it works with the body. I also hope we dissect something.  I can wait to start 10th grade BioMed. I am very excited!

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