Dexterous Scientist – Dignity B.

My name is Dignity B. I choose the biomedical pathway because ever since I was a little girl I wanted to help. I started off by wanting to be a veterinarian because I loved helping animals and there was a connection. When I was about eight I questioned what type of animal I wanted to helping; leading me to human beings. From there I learned that doctors specified on certain parts of the human body and that directed me to want to fix one of the most complex structures known to mankind , the human brain. Now I will become a neurosurgeon. I chose bio-med because it pertains strongly to my future career and I am of interest of all science skills developed in the class. Next year in bio-med I hope to learn more about, why bio-medicine is suffering from structural problems. I was influenced to want to learn more about this due to Richard Harrison’s report about Rigor Mortis. I also want to study of what these issues are, how we can know when to watch out for them and how we can stop repeating these mistakes in science. The story by Richard Harris on NPR that I found compelling was about the integrity in research. “…issues about proper conduct of research weren’t isolated to individual labs, but influenced by a continuously evolving academic, publishing and funding environment.” – Richard Harris. I want to learn more about what he means by this and how we can resolve this in biomedical science. I know that I want to grow because I believe statistics scientist post now but I want to know when/ weather I can believe them or not. science-doing-wrong

“What Isn’t Science.” What Is Transhumanism? N.p., n.d. Web. 20 May 2017. <>.  


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