Team G.O.A.L – Executive Summary

The Austin Pregnancy Resource Center has a 75% returning rate of mothers with repeated unplanned pregnancies. The APRC worries the high return rate indicates that the majority of their clients are relying on the APRC as a crutch instead of providing for their families independently. Thus, the mentorship program came to exist. The goal of the mentorship program is to provide mothers with resources that they can use to help live independent of the support of APRC.

The mentorship program has just begun and we, Team GOAL, have been charged with answering the question “How can they help the new mentors access resources more efficiently?” The solution is the APRC Online Resource Aid that will allow mothers to get in touch with the resources they need themselves.

In the previous three months we has contacted the APRC, consulted with the founder of the organization, gathered data, researched, and drafted our solution. We produced  first solution: creating an appealing pamphlet or brochure with a sufficient amount of information that would be beneficial to mothers. After further brainstorming, conferencing with the staff at APRC, and visiting the center we switched to a website because the website would be easier to access and inexpensively and more environmentally friendly.

The mentor will be able access the website through all mobile devices and computers.

Many clients of Austin Pregnancy Resource Center speak Spanish, but most mentors do not.  Both mentors and mothers have access to technology to the bilingual (English and Spanish) website organized resources into tabs and pages of topics that the mother may need that the mentors can help the mothers to access. Each page will include resources that meet the mother’s need with links to the organization’s website, the location, and/or their contact information, a brief description of the organization, and their mission statement. We plans to schedule specific dates of  publication, improving the final product, and facilitating the online resource aid instructional period.

We have recently sent our website to APRC’s founder for feedback.  The next step in our project will be to present the website at the next APRC mentor training (date TBD).  After the training we will survey the mentors about the usability, general appearance, and relevance of information on the website. We will edit and revise the website based on the feedback and present a final version of the website to APRC on or before May 16th, 2017.

We will also send out a survey to the mentors to discern how helpful the information is to both the mentors and the mothers. The feedbacks will be taking into consideration, and we will update the website, make changes to better satisfy the mothers. Through observing these statistics, one can understand the extent to which the website has been successful.

We will also need to know if the website actually helped the mothers. APRC has an annual check of statistics that state how many mothers have visited APRC for assistance throughout the year which will help the team know the statistics of mothers returning. The vision for the solution is that the mentors will be able to get the information out to the mothers which would lead to the percentage of returning mothers to the APRC for resource aid to decrease.

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