The End is Near and We See the Light!-Team Flo: Pattie A., Thalia G., Izzy V., Celeste O.

Executive Summary

Team Flo

Image result for 15 million babies are born preterm each year.About 15 million babies are born preterm each year. Preterm babies are in need of specific vitamins and proteins which can only provided by breast milk. Premature birth affects one in every eight babies. For the past fifteen years, the Mothers’ Milk Bank has been saving the lives of preterm infants by providing more than nine million meals of human donor milk to babies whose mothers cannot provide their own.The Mother’s Milk Bank serves 115 hospitals in twenty states. In 2014 alone, the Mothers Milk Bank at Austin dispensed 470,000 ounces of milk to over 2,685 babies. Team Flo has paired up with the Mothers Milk Bank in order to help facilitate a faster production rate of donor human breast milk, allowing more infants to receive the nutrition needed for healthy growth.  Mothers Milk Bank set a goal of an 18% increase of production in their new facility. Mother’s Milk Bank requested that Team Flo leaving us to develop a method for optimizing work flow of milk processing in the new building. Mother’s Milk Bank relies heavily on volunteers to conduct the pasteurization process. Volunteers are currently trained via video on the organization’s website.  The videos are specific to the original site and will soon be out of date.    Team Flo has created a pamphlet with directions for optimal milk processing tailored specifically to the layout of the new worksite.   Team Flo selected the pamphlet format over the current video methods after extensive research into effective learning and teaching styles. This pamphlet not only allow volunteers to understand the process milk goes through before being shipped to hospitals around Austin, therefore creating a more efficient, updated, training system for the volunteers.

The brochures will be proven to be effective by communicating with the Mothers Milk Bank who will give us feedback – seeing the difference in work production of the volunteers at the new facility compared to the old facility.The brochure for the volunteers will be completed by the presentation date Tuesday, April 25th of 2017. Along with that, it is planned to conduct a survey to both the staff and volunteers at the bank asking whether or not the brochure helped increase the production rate of milk, thiImage result for mothers milk banks survey will include questions such as: Do you feel this brochure was helpful in understanding the necessary steps to take in the breast milk pasteurizing process? And,  do you feel this brochure helped you go through the breast milk pasteurization process faster than you would have without it? This survey will be included with a copy of the brochure to our partner organization Mother’s Milk Bank.

We are finalizing our project and we thank anyone who has helped us along the way and has supported our project!


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