BeLieVE Me We Found a Solution – Bella T.

Hello my name is Bella Thomas and I am the Team coordinator of a student-led group called BeLieVE. My coworkers are Lily Alvarado Enalisa Blackman and Vanessa Meireles. My coworkers and I are currently working with the Pregnancy and Postpartum Health Alliance of Texas (PPHA), which is a non profit organization that is dedicated to increasing support for families struggling with Perinatal Mood Disorders such as Texas Maternal Mental Healthdepression, anxiety, OCD and psychosis in Central Texas. We are working with the PPHA in order to create a solution for the lack of awareness surrounding the perinatal mental he
alth of adolescent mothers. Once we have created, critique and constructed our final product, it will be showcased in our booth at the Maternal Mental Health and Wellness Conferenceon April 27th-29th at the Commons Learning Center.

At the conference me in my team plan to show a simulation and provide info graphs about the perinatal mood disorders and anxiety disorders. By doing so, we hope to create a interactive and creative exhibit that teaches our audience what the disorders are and how to assist one with the disorder. We are currently drafting our first infographic design about the disorders and we’ll decide on our set design this week. After we create our info graphs we will start on our simulation process.
The road to where we were to not come as easily as we had hoped. But success does not come without any trials or tribulations. Originally we had a video idea. Next we had a trifold idea. Although the struggle was very much real we were able to find a solution just as we believe these pregnant adolescents can, with a little bit of help of course .We are glad to have our final solution in mind and are excited to see how everything turns out in the end. We desperately want to solve this problem, and hope that we can help as many adolescent mothers and doctors or parents of those adolescent mothers as possible. For more information on the mental health of adolescent mothers or mothers I  general, please visit the hyper links expressed in the first paragraphs.mentalhealth

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