Brainy Bunch Makes Progress! -Karla. Ru

Hello everyone! My name is Karla. R, and I’m here to update you all on the progress the Brainy Bunch has been making on our DAP Prenatal Yoga Project. Let me just tell you, there’s been quite a bunch. From the decision making of our final idea, to the actual building of the prop.

We had said in an earlier blog post the following…

Pregnant mothers do yoga to relieve stress and tension in their body. Prenatal yoga can also make it less difficult for childbirth, which can be very helpful! We understand that when a mother is pregnant, their center of gravity changes making it difficult for them to perform many of the stretches and activities that yoga contains. We are hoping that the outcome of our project will help these women overcome the challenges, by making efficient modifications to increase their strength and endurance of muscles for childbirth. Childbirth is already a pain, so why not ease it” This was and still is our current, what you could call, motto for this project. But of course you already know that if you have read our previous blog posts (which if you haven’t I would recommend). But the big question right now would be: What is new? That is what I am here to tell you.

The Brainy Bunch have made some really big progress since the last time we have posted. We have started building the actual new and improved yoga block! The difference from the current yoga blocks and our new yoga block is the level of comfort and useability of the prop. By that I mean that this block can be used for many more poses and the mother can actually benefit from it. Not only that, but we wanted to relieve pressure and tension that is created when the mothers are on their knees and wrists. The extra weight that they are carrying is putting more pressure on their joints than the usual daily activities are. Joints are not supposed to be under this amount of pressure, it is bad for the body. By saying that, we had come up with a block that absorbs some of the extra weight, so the tension in the joints is reduced, but enough resistance underneath so that the mother is still able to stay stable in the poses.

The build of the block is also different from the current blocks that are being used in prenatal yoga. Instead of the block being 1 solid block, ours consists of 3 different layers meant to add comfort but at the same time, enough resistance so the mothers can benefit from the pose itself. We have used a memory foam as the top layer, for the comfort and to absorb some of the weight and pressure. Underneath that layer, is a sponge like material used for the resistance part of the block. This allows stability underneath the memory foam so the mothers can still prop themselves up and hold. Lastly, the plywood at the very bottom is used to hold both layers up, the ultimate stability layer.

Our next step is to make sure that our block is appealing to the potential customers, also known as the mothers. To do this, we’re planning on using a fabric with some grip, but also some soft material. We will wrap it around the block like a blanket, sew the sides together neatly and we will be done. That’s all of the updates I have for today! Hope you enjoyed hearing about our progress, keep an eye out for our next blog post.

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